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Poster File Specifications For Upload *Please Read Carefully*
We support many different file formats but not all of them are 100% fail proof! Only two file formats are fail proof, TIF or JPG. These two file formats work perfect because they are a single layer with all fonts and images imbedded so there is no chance of missing fonts or of images shifting. We recommend using TIF with LZW compression flattened with no layers. This will make your file size relatively small without losing any quality. JPG is great also as long as you use it in High Quality Mode. The more compression you use with JPG or the more times you save it, will degrade the quality of your image. PDF files also use compression and depending on your program you can choose between ZIP, JPG, or None. We recommend None to insure the highest quality print.
Our recommendation is to use Photoshop in Adobe 1998 RGB mode to get the best color. 150 to 200 dpi for posters designed at true size. Proofs are recommended to insure the color and layout is what you were expecting. We use professional color management software that gives us accurate color but it probably won't match little inkjet printers that don't use high end color management software. If color accuracy is a concern for you then a proof is recommended. Proofs are $10.00 on paper and $15.00 on canvas or tradeshow products. If you choose to bypass the proof process then we can't be held responsible for file glitches or colors not printing exactly the way you were expecting them to. In the details box on the Upload Page please let us know if you want a proof or bypass the process.
Other Files That We Support
 PSD from Photoshop, please flatten all layers so fonts or layers don't change or move. *If not flattened can glitch due to fonts, proof recommended.
EPS the only format that supports PMS colors and supports both vector and raster images. *Can glitch proof recommended.
 GIF only supports raster images in 256 colors max, not recommended but we do support this format.
 DOC from Word. Program has lots of problems for making posters. Fonts you use will be replaced if we don't have the same font installed.
*Convert to PDF if possible and proof recommend. Doesn't support big page sizes and images tend to fall apart. $10 conversion fee.
PPT from Power Point, same problems as Word except it does support large page sizes. We recommend converting to PDF if possible.
*Can glitch and proof recommended, $10 conversion fee.
  PUB from Publisher, font, image quality, and page size issues. We support this format but it has a high probability to glitch.
*Convert to PDF if possible, $10 conversion fee, proof recommended.
 AI from Illustrator, supports both vector and raster images. *Convert to .PDF if possible and a proof is recommended.
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