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Mounting And Lamination
   Foam Board: This is what frame shops use to mount images to before they are framed. It is the least expensive way to mount. It is great if you are going to frame it or hang it up and leave it. The foam we carry is white and it is 3/16" thick.  We don't recommend mounting really big images to foam because it does bow very easily. For larger images or images that are going to be moved around we have a different solution.
   Gator Board: We carry 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick black gator board and can special order thicker sizes if needed. This is a great product because it is very lightweight but much stonger than foam board. Gator Board is what we recommend for graphics that need to travel around or for super sized mounted images.
  Laminaton: Gloss or matte lamination, what is the difference? Glossy looks very nice and will make colors really pop. The downside is that the gloss gives of a reflective glare that can sometimes be a distraction to the image. Matte lamination is designed to not give any glare. Matte is more expensive but it lasts longer because it doesn't scratch or buff and it looks better under tradeshow lighting.